Galley 33 Entrance

Located at 33 Helwick Street in Wanaka, some 280 kilometers sourhwest of Geraldine, New Zealand, GALLERY 33 exhibits contemporary New Zealand and Australian artists in a range of media including painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass and jewellery. Established in 2002, the gallery was acquired by current directors Norma Dutton and Peter Gregg in 2005. Their goal is to provide locals and visitors with access to artwork created by both well-known and emerging local artists. Exhibitions open on the first Friday of each month and run for three weeks. Gallery hours are: Monday through Friday from 10am to 5:30pm - Weekends from 10am to 4pm.


Trente-trois Hert LeBlanc

The tenth album from Acadian country-folk singer/songwriter Hervé Hert LeBlanc, TRENTE-TROIS, was released in 2019. Leblanc was born in Bouctouche, New Brunswick, and in his younger days was part of "Jeunes chanteurs de Bouctouche" (Young singers of Bouctouche), under the direction of Sir Berard Comeau. He lists among his influences Julie et les frères Duguay, Paul Daraîche, Zachary Richard, and Suroît. Below is the album's tracklist.

TRENTE-TROIS is available on audio CD. All thirteen Hert Leblanc albums are available from most streaming services, including Amazon, Tidal, and Spotify.


Zdeno Chara

Defenseman Zdeno Chára, who wore number 33 and served as the Boston Bruins captain for all of his fourteen seasons with the franchise and led them to their sixth Stanley Cup, announced his retirement from professional hockey on 20 September 2022. He signed a one-day contract with the Boston Bruins so that he could officially retire as a member of the team at the age of forty-five. Chára ends his career after a total of 24 seasons with 209 goals and 680 points in 1,680 games, and was with the Islanders for the 2021-22 season. He is the tallest person (2.06 metres) ever to play in the NHL, earning him the nickname "Big Z", and retires as the league's all-time leader in games played by a defenseman.


Thirty-Three Days cover

Book fifteen from Australian novelist Steven B. King (out of a total of twenty-five) is about Jenny, a university lecturer who's consciousness has traveled back in time to her younger body because a contemporary of her younger self plans to release a genetically modified version of wheat that is destined to mutate, causing the destruction of all plant life on Earth. A relationship develops between Jenny and the well-intentioned microbiologist she must persuade, but she can remain in the past no longer than thirty-three days. If she fails, a second time-traveller will be dispatched to kill the unfortunate scientist. Sandra Daily reviewed the book for Goodreads. "This is a time travel book unlike any I’ve read before," wrote Dailey. "Its uniqueness was refreshing. The story is serious in the way that the heroine has the survival of the planet on her shoulders. The romance didn’t overshadow or take a backseat to the drama, it became part of it. The author’s art of dialogue and description is vivid." THIRTY-THREE DAYS is available in Kindle, Audiobook, or Paperback.


33 Floors poster

Victoria Holtom stars in this eight minute short film about a woman who finds herself trapped alone in an elevator as she tries to get to her job on the 28th floor. The state-of-the-art elevator seems to have a mind of its own, and warns of "minor technical difficulties" as the woman's impatience rapidly develops into terror. Written and directed by Chris Austen, and produced by Dan Perry, 33 FLOORS won seven film festival awards, including the Award of Excellence at the 2020 Canada Shorts Film Festival, and the April Award for Best Sci-Fi Short at the 2021 Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival. A trailer is available on Vimeo.


Thirty Three perfume

Launched in 2013, Thirty Three is a perfume by London-based fragrance house Ex Idolo built around a vintage oud and is the only modern perfume to contain a meaningful amount of wild-harvested Chinese agarwood oil and natural Chinese rose oil. The scent is described as "surprisingly soft and velvety...a deep and dark unisex fragrance with dry and cold facets." Top notes are Caoutchouc, Black Pepper, and Mandarin Orange. Middle notes include Tall Rose, White Tea, and Iris. Base notes are: Oud, Patchouli, and Heliotrope. The Scented Hound, who describes himself as "an ordinary guy with the nose of a beagle", wrote of the scent: "It’s exotic, smooth, lush and it’s tinged with hints of spice. After a couple of minutes a bit of leather is added giving it a rather burnished finish, like a saddle that has been rubbed with some expensive oils to keep it soft and subtle. But just as soon as I think this is turning leathery, those aspects fade away...around the 30 minute mark, Thirty Three begins to soften and dry out and after around an hour, it becomes almost smoky."


Thirty-Three Cecils - Everett De Morier

Everett De Morier’s first novel, THIRTY-THREE CECILS, was published in 2015, and is the story of an unlikely friendship betwen a once-prominent cartoonist from Erie, Pennsylvania, and a recovering alcoholic who quit his job at the Broome County landfill near Binghamton, New York, and how they made headlines in 1992. The lives of Walker Roe and Riley Dutcher are revealed to the reader through excerpts from their journals (which were unearthed some twenty-three years later). The book was named book of the year by Heroic Magazine and won the top fiction prize at the London Book Festival. A film adaptation is rumoured to be in development with a screenplay written by De Morier, Brian Esquivel, and Robinson McGiffin. Neal Simon, writing for the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, speculated that Dustin Hoffman might have a role in the film. THIRTY-THREE CECILS is available in a Kindle edition and in paperback.

THE 33

The 33 - poster

Released in 2015, THE 33 is a two hour and seven minute docudrama about the collapse of a gold and copper mine in Chile on 5 August 2010. Thirty-three miners who worked the San José Mine in Copiapó were trapped seven hundred metres underground for sixty-nine days. The miners, led by Mario Sepúlveda (Antonio Banderas), all survived. Mine foreman Luis Urzúa (Lou Diamond Phillips) had warned mine owner, Carlos Castillo (Mario Zaragoza), about the mine's instability. On the surface after the collapse, María Segovia (Juliette Binoche), elder sister of trapped miner Dario Segovia (Juan Pablo Raba), led a vigil. Directed by Patricia Riggen, THE 33 can be purchased from most VOD outlets, and is also available on DVD and Blu-Ray. The film's last scene shows, in black and white, the real 33 miners gathered on a beach, and credits each of them individually.


Thirty-three and a Half Shenanigans - Denise Grover Swank

This is the sixth mystery in the Rose Gardner series by Denise Grover Swank, and was published in 2014. In this one, Gardner becomes involved in the investigation after a friend's cousin goes missing. The authorities are certain the missing woman has disappeared intentionally, but Gardner gathers evidence that begins to suggest foul play. At the same time, underground kingpin Skeeter Malcolm invonveniently resurfaces and asks Rose to do him a favour. In return, he offers to guarantee the safety of her boyfriend, Assistant D.A. Mason Deveraux. "Denise Grover Swank has created a hilarious 'fish bowl' world here," said Amanda Lee in the Royal Oak Tribune, "all revolving around Rose Gardner, a twenty-four-year-old woman who has done absolutely nothing of note over the duration of her life...There is one other thing to know about Rose: She has visions of the future. And, when she has these visions, she immediately blurts them out." There are a total of sixteen books in the series.


Catch Thirty-Three by Meshuggah

First released on 16 May 2005, CATCH THIRTY-THREE is Swedish heavy metal band Meshuggah's fifth album. The album is a continuous suite with thirteen movements, and employed Toontrack's "Drumkit from Hell" synthesizer instead of traditional acoustic drums. Eduardo Rivadavia, reviewing the album for AllMusic, said (in part): " doing away with the rigid formality (real or perceived) of individual song breaks, the band has bolstered its confidence for exploring ambient sounds and quieter dynamics. "In Death -- Is Death" offers the prime example with its interspersed bouts of noise and silence, but the adventurousness continues over uncharacteristically melodic portions of "Dehumanization" and the mild case of electronics and programming (as well as robotic voices) heard on "Mind's Mirrors." And whatever your opinion about all of these conspiracy theories, there's no question that on "Shed," with its tribal percussion and whispered vocals, Meshuggah deliver a masterful career highlight." The album is available on CD, and on most streaming services.


The Thirty-three Little Pigs

Written by Brian D. Taylor, THE THIRTY-THREE LITTLE PIGS is a hilarious predator vs prey send-up. The play brings together a cast that’s hugely flexible in both size and male/female balance. Twenty rapid-fire two to three minute scenes, each with one to six actors provide every actor with a chance for their moment in the spotlight, along with an eclectic collection of styles designed to reveal each pig’s unique personality.


Tridsat tri poster

Written by Viktor Konetskiy and Valentin Ezhov, TRIDSAT-TRI (33) is a comedy which stars Evgeniy Leonov as factory worker Ivan Travkin. When Travkin develops a severe toothache, it is discovered that he has a thirty-third tooth in his mouth. Travkin is brought from his hometown of Upper Yamki to Moscow (800 kilometers to the north), and eventually becomes the focus of an international scientific conference. The film is part of the Soviet "new wave" and was directed by Georgiy Daneliya. It was released in 1965, shortly after Kruschev was deposed. The head of the KGB quickly labeled it as anti-Soviet, saying (in part) that: "film '33' is an attempt to discredit everything including the cosmonaut's flight." Michael Daye remarked (on Letterboxed) that the film was: "Wonderfully barmy, and surprisingly visually inventive. Shout-out to the edit in the opening credits where the music stops and the cat appears." TRIDSAT-TRI is available on DVD (Russian language only).


Julie Doiron/Okkervil River

The number is mentioned only once in the lyrics. "He Passes Number Thirty-Three" is track number six on the album Julie Doiron/Okkervil River. It was recorded in December of 2002 on the Acuarela label, which describes it this way: "Where Doiron’s approach to modern songwriter-based folk is homey and uncluttered, her Jagjaguwar brethren Okkervil River offer instead something more far turbulent...'He Passes Number Thirty-Three', a sidelong tribute to missed chances, starts off as delicately as Doiron’s whisper-quietest moments before turning into a contemplative ballad and, just as quickly, a towering prog-soul singalong."

Okkervil River is a Texas band (led by Will Sheff) that takes its name from a short story by Tatyana Tolstaya. Canadian singer-songwriter Julie Doiron is co-vocalist and bass guitarist for the Moncton, New Brunswick band Eric's Trip.

33 Railway St, Gatton QLD 4343, Australia

Cafe Thirty-Three


Smashing Pumpkins - 33

"Speak to me in a language I can hear
Humor me before I have to go
Deep in thought I forgive everyone
As the cluttered streets greet me once again
I know I can't be late, supper's waiting on the table
Tomorrow's just an excuse away
So I pull my collar up and face the cold, on my own
The earth laughs beneath my heavy feet
At the blasphemy in my old jangly walk
Steeple guide me to my heart and home
The sun is out and up and down again"

In March, 2021, NME reported that the Smashing Pumpkins began recording a new 33-song album that will be the joint sequel to their 1995 LP ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’ and their two 2000-released ‘Machina’ records. Frontman Billy Corgan described it as "kind of a rock opera"


Trente-trois - French Edition

In Paris, in October 1804, the Comte de Grasse-Tilly created the Supreme Council of the Thirty-three Degrees of Scotland. Two centuries later, and although the first Sovereign Grand Commander often found himself in opposition to all the rites then practiced in France, the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite continued to prosper to become the most practiced rite in the world. In this book, author Jean-Pierre Bayard presents the grades of the AASR and shows us that Masonic symbols have the same expression as those of all the other traditions, that their spiritual contribution can bring real help to our civilization which is losing the notion of fraternity and humanism.

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